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At Empyrion Media Ltd we only publish erotica books that authors write about their REAL sexual experiences. No fantasy erotica here! We also publish XXX sex guide books.

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Empyrion Media Ltd. is one of the best and most innovative erotica publishers in the world. Empyrion Media only publish XXX erotic ebooks, XXX audiobooks, and XXX print books based on real sexual experiences. We also publish XXX sex guides containing insider knowledge of sex parties and club locations and contact details and other important sexual subjects.

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  • To publish guidebooks that enable people around the world to enjoy great sex; from guides to free sex parties and sex clubs to guides on how to perform in bed.
  • To evangelize the sheer pleasure and ecstasy that can be found from reading real-life erotica titles from Empyrion Media, written by everyday members of the public about their real life sexual experiences.
  • To end the stigma surrounding erotica and adult sexual literature.
  • To grow the market for erotica in ebooks, audiobooks and print books worldwide.
  • To enable everyday people around the world, whichever country they are in and in whatever written language, to write about their own sexual experiences and have them published by Empyrion Media.

We Are Legal, Honest & Transparent

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Some of our book titles

Our book titles can be found & purchased at good prices on any book platform such as Amazon, Smash words and Apple Books, to name a few.

Just type in ‘Empyrion Media’ in the search bar of the site.

You can download our books to smartphones, tablets or desktop computers

Please click the book images of some of our titles below to learn more about each book.

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Empyrion Media - Making my old piano teacher cream
Empyrion Media Ltd - Office Slut for my boss
Empyrion Media - Buggered By The Spoilt Millionaire
Empyrion Media - A deflowering threesome
Empyrion Media - My First Ladybox Sex Vacation


Empyrion Media Ltd - Best Royalty for Erotica Writers
Empyrion Media Ltd - Best Opportunity to become rich
Empyrion Media Ltd - Best Rewards
Empyrion Media Ltd - Best Rewards
Empyrion Media Ltd - Best Rewards

Want to write real-life sex books based on your real-life sex and have them published by our company & stake your claim in the future of the global erotica publishing industry?